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For the people who love travelling in the Monsoon

Picture this in your mind! An outdoor sitting area at the patio where your friends and family gather together on a weekend. The sky shares your joy with a drizzle over the vast greens of the Ghats that stretch far beyond what your eyes can see. The gentle breeze carries raindrops to you and freshens your face. And just at that moment, the heavenly petrichor dissolves into a faint fragrance of steaming hot chai, scrumptious snacks and pakoras. 

If visualizing something like this, gets a smile on your face, The Duke’s Retreat is the place for you! The perfect amalgamation of luxury with comfort, this resort in Lonavala is nothing short of serenity if you love to travel in Monsoon. Lonavala and Khandala is a go-to place in India when one thinks of traveling in the months of July and August. The terrific beauty of Nature unveils itself to its admirers in all its glory.

One of the best hotels in Lonavala, Duke’s Retreat offers an amazingly picturesque view of the Western Ghats that is blooming with rich and luscious greenery and the perfect location. Just an hour and a half away from the main city of Mumbai, if you are finding hotels in Khandala and Lonavala, look no further! Duke’s Retreat, which is named after the famous camping trail, Duke’s Nose is the best fit for your monsoon travels! What more? The resort isn’t only for travelers.

Monsoon is the season of love. There is something about the overcast skies, the raw smell of earth laden with raindrops and the dewdrops resting atop the leaves that adds romance in the air! If you are on a romantic overdrive and planning a Monsoon Wedding soon, this is one of the perfect wedding venues in Lonavala! Tie the knot in style and let the rains do their magic! You and your guests can enjoy everything, the warm hospitality, the gushing rains and the perfect romantic weather! Especially, if you are from Maharashtra or planning a monsoon wedding at a hill station soon, Duke’s retreat is the choice for a Destination Wedding near Mumbai

Whilst some people love their partners, others love their friends and colleagues! Duke’s retreat is the place for all. A destination to enjoy to the fullest and make beautiful memories. Come enjoy the monsoon season with your friends and colleagues. Appreciate memorable times with your friends at Pawana Lake, or Trek in the trails of the Ghats. Go swimming at the Kune falls or simply absorb the view at the Khandala Sunset Point. At the end of all of your adventures, allow us to offer you the best in class hospitality and delicious food that makes your day perfect!