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Heavenly Hills In Lonavala That Need To Be Explored

Lonavala, the must-visit ethereal destination par excellence. A hill station in the Sahyadri ranges, 622 meters above sea level offers breathtaking views, stunning landscapes, and the general atmosphere of unwinding, relaxing and briefly escaping the routine nature of the day-to-day grind. It's no wonder that this is one of the most popular and well-known hill stations in the country.

The beautiful hills of Lonavala have a lot to offer, from their viewpoints to the waterfalls, the valleys, the parks, as well as the cultural icons such as the historical forts with incredible stories and legends behind their existence. It's no wonder that the best hotels in Lonavala, as well as the best wedding venues in Lonavala, are often seen to be fully booked due to the popularity of the destination.

Let's celebrate the geographical beauty of Lonavala by taking a look at some of the hills and the related points of interest.
Lion's Point
Named so after the Lion's Club of Lonavala, this is one of the most popular destinations in Lonavala, located just 12 kilometers from the Lonavala Railway Station, and just in between Lonavala and the Aamby Valley.

It offers unbelievably stunning views. Just imagine driving to the point from your resort in Lonavala, one of the first places you would visit. Doesn't it just feel amazing?
Sausage Hill
A famous recreational point, Sausage Hill is the prime area for rock climbing and many trekking expeditions across Lonavala, including visits to the various forts, lakes and so on. Birdwatching is a highly popular activity here, and there are many temples in close range to the place.
Scorpion's Sting 
With a name derived from its geographical appearance, similar to a scorpion's sting, this is another popular destination in Lonavala. Located near Lohagad Fort, it was historically a military site used to spy approaching enemies, given the amazing views it provides.
Canyon Valley 
The Canyon Valley is a flora and fauna rich intermediary to adventures worth remembering! Located near the Ulhas River, it serves as a trekking paradise that ultimately ends at the waterfall of the same name!
Amrutanjan Point
Located on the Khandala Ghat, overlooking the stunning valley, it serves as an excellent viewpoint of the other tourist spots nearby such as the Duke's Nose, for instance.
The Conclusion 
And so, those are a few examples of Lonavala's spectacular hilly destinations. No wonder Lonavala is popular as a wedding destination near Mumbai. But it's not just Lonavala, but also its twin hill station, Khandala that also deserves the recognition of its own. After all, the hotels in Khandala areas are heavily booked as those are in Lonavala, which means only one thing. They both never cease to impress!