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Plan a Weekend Getaway

Weekends are made for fun. A couple of days when you can be mindless about work, and get on a chill mode. What better way to destress, than to go to a hill station, relax, and forget about deadlines and targets? Lonavala is a popular staycation destination for such getaways. But getting a booking at a resort in Lonavala can be difficult when you’re planning the last moment. That is why you should remember the following points when planning a weekend getaway in Lonavala-Khandala.

Clear your Cache and Cookies
Aren’t we confused when we search for a booking and get back to it in a few days just to see inflated prices? Well, this happens because of Cookies. The edible ones? No. These cookies are sneaky and make their way through to the system. When you make a search for the “Best Hotels in Lonavala”, make sure you don’t accept the cookies or remove them later. This way, you will always get the best prices and never the inflated ones.

Book on Weekdays
Whenever you are booking, make sure it is a weekday. In general, availability for hotels in Khandala is better around weekdays than weekends. Also, the rates are sometimes cheaper when the booking is done online. Rumors say, the best day to make your weekend getaway bookings is a Wednesday, but we do not have solid proof yet!

Plan Ahead for Weddings
Lonavala is famous as a location for a destination wedding near Mumbai. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan your staycation ahead of time. A lot of resorts now host weddings and create memorable moments for couples that plan their wedding venues in Lonavala. Duke’s Retreat makes for one of the most exotic destinations to plan or attend a dream wedding. If you are feeling utterly romantic, plan your wedding on a weekend getaway!

Off-Season Travel
The peak months for a great trip to Khandala-Lonavala are around Monsoon. But, off-season travel sometimes is the best opportunity to explore a destination. The place is not as crowded, the bookings are cheaper, and there’s no rush. Lonavala in itself has a lot to offer to travelers, even around the off-season time. The trekking trails, the perennial waterfalls and the beautiful scenic views throughout the year make it one of the best places to travel in India.

Getting away from office stress or just planning a vacation with friends... Whatever be the reason, enjoy the best hospitality, only at Duke’s Retreat!