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Sensational Winter Wedding Destination- The Dukes Retreat

There’s no question that a destination wedding in India is a one-of-a-kind experience. While there are many wonderful locations to choose from such as historical palaces, beautiful beaches, and mountain lodges; the best wedding planners in India recommend having a royal wedding in one of India’s many unique resorts. The Dukes Retreat is one of the most loved resorts for destination weddings. Hotels in Khandala provide the most luxurious facilities at pocket-friendly prices for your wedding function. 
As you begin planning your destination dream wedding, your first and most important step is to choose the perfect destination. Every couple expects their wedding celebrations to express their love story. A wonderful way to do this is to celebrate your wedding in real fairy tale style! Dukes Retreat has picked out a few of the best wedding destinations in Mumbai that have the perfect setting for your fairytale wedding. It has the most amazing resort in Lonavala where you can make your big day as beautiful as you want. 

Indians are famous for their tremendous love for food. So, of course, Indian weddings end up automatically being a large culinary celebration. But to maintain your cuisine and food decor exciting and fresh, you must get on board with the latest food trends. Wedding cuisine has undergone an evolution – it is no longer just enforced traditionally and according to customs but has been inoculated with modernity, theater, and new flavors from all over the earth. So has great places for a destination wedding near Mumbai which will provide you with amazing cuisine for your big day.

Incorporating the traditional wedding occasion with the newness and elegance of an exotic location, destination weddings create truly remarkable memories for the couple and their precious ones. The top wedding venues in Lonavala not only execute the functions flawlessly but also assure that the wedding guests are looked after in all ways. From giving guests personalized baskets with beautiful necessities to handing out thoughtful wedding endorsements, they keep an eagle eye on all facets of guest management.

Best hotels in Lonavala will make your wedding day one of the greatest and most momentous days in your life. This is the day when you and your companion tie the knot and vow to be by each other’s side “till death does you apart”. It certainly could qualify as one of the delighted days too. If it isn’t you might have some reconsidering to do. Therefore, celebrating your big day in your favorite location must be considered. So Dukes Retreat has brought the most beautiful locations near Mumbai to make your big day even more delightful.