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The Ultimate Guide on How to budget for any trip!

Have you sat down to plan a trip, scrolled down a few times and then given up on your dream destination because it seemed too expensive? Or did you end up spending a little too much over what you initially planned on your last vacation and now are too scared to plan another? Don’t worry! We have devised a foolproof vacation budgeting method for you to successfully plan your vacation and also stay in or better yet, under budget!

The very first step for your budgeting is to create a rough itinerary that sits well with your budget. For example, if you were looking for a vacation resort in Lonavala, then you would start by looking for the following items. First, the travel, to and fro. You can look for the nearest train stations, airports (Mumbai in this case) or plan your own road trip. Remember to account for every single commute channel including requirements for the intercity commute. Next, for the accommodation, you can start by searching for the best hotels in Khandala or Lonavala. Then look for the most budget-friendly resorts or hotels that meet your requirements.

Dukes Retreat is one of the best resorts in Lonavala that offers a dream luxury vacation at a pocket-friendly cost. You can experience the luscious greens of the western ghats and the serenity of the hill station, all whilst relaxing at the spa or pool. Multiple in-house facilities including a breakfast buffet and kids play area allow you to have the most perfect vacation with your family.

Lastly, you also need to plan for food and activities. This element in your budget is the most underrated and often is the culprit for going over budget. The best way to deal with this is to research all the activities and pre-book as many as possible. It is also easier to find early discounts on various websites. Remember to keep a buffer budget for any last moment changes or extensions and always count it in your final budget. Always keep a record of your spending and do not forget to have a fun vacation!